Tammy Gillis

Founder and CEO

With over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience, Tammy Gillis launched her sales career with Hilton Hotels and spent 10 years in various sales leadership roles. She credits her years at Hilton for honing her sales skills and developing into a relevant consultative seller.

Tammy’s entrepreneurial drive led her to start a hospitality consulting and training company in 2013. She saw a gap in how sales people were being onboarded into the industry and felt they were not being set up for success. Tammy has trained thousands of sales professionals, hotel owners, General Managers and front-line associates. She has a passion for improving not only the skill set but also the mindset of sales professionals to succeed in this digital age of selling to modern buyers.

Believing that sales is the life blood for all organizations, her mission is to make sales accessible and achievable for all hotel owners. In 2014, Tammy disrupted the traditional hotel sales model and launched a Sales for Hire program for focused-service hotels operating without a sales team.

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Tammy’s engaging and genuine approach helps her clients break ineffective sales behaviors to become trusted advisors with a client centric approach to selling that drives results and differentiates them from the competition. Tammy knows first-hand what it is like to be in the trenches and stays relevant in this fast paced and competitive industry. She is on the board of directors for the Toronto chapter of HSMAI and is a Silver Member of AAHOA.

Laurie Young

Vice President

Laurie joined Gillis in 2016 and has been instrumental in developing our Dynamic Sales Solution and implementing strategies to accelerate the sales cycle and ensure a high return on investment for our clients. She is results-oriented with 20 years’ experience managing sales and marketing programs and identifying value-added solutions to improve company performance. In her role as Vice President of Operations, Laurie is responsible for leading our business planning efforts and ensuring organizational and operational excellence.

Aimee Girodat

Sr. Director of Sales

Aimee is a proven sales leader with 20 years in the hospitality industry and offers a unique background of hotel sales and operations. Aimee led a dynamic sales team for a large upscale full-service hotel and has also worked with many select service hotels including the openings of 2 “new build” properties in the capacities of General Manager and Director of Sales. As Director of Sales for Gillis, Aimee is passionate about supporting the team to thrive and enhance their sales performance while surpassing goals and growing business for our clients.

Katie G

Director of Sales

Laura L

Director of Sales

Wesam M

Director of Sales

Nikki S

Manager of Administration

Alexandra B


Paul K

Area Sales Manager

Ashley A

Area Sales Manager

Robin N

Sr. Regional Sales Manager

Shannon S

Area Sales ManAger / Business Development

Terri M

Dynamic Strategy Analyst – New Client Implementation

Jessica T

Area Sales Manager

Cindy G

Area Sales Manager

Lili M

Area Sales Manager

Lachelle M

Area Sales Manager

Stacey M

Area Sales Manager

Bianca C

Area Sales Manager

Kimberly T

Area Sales Manager

Alissa C

Dynamic Strategy Analyst – New Client Implementation

Vanessa L

Area Sales Manager

KayLou K

Area Sales Manager

Rhonda F

Area Sales Manager

Shelley F

Area Sales Manager

Kristi S

Area Sales Manager

Leslie S

Area Sales Manager

Elizabeth M

Area Sales Manager

Jennifer P

Area Sales Manager

Julie B

Area Sales Manager

Rupa S.A

Area Sales Manager

Paula J

Area Sales Manager

Lisa A

Area Sales Manager

Some of Our Clients

Proudly Serving Clients throughout US & Canada

“Before working with Gillis Consulting, the sales efforts were left to the responsibility of each hotel general manager. With daily and continuous competing priorities, our general managers were not always able to complete consistent efforts in prospecting for new business. Since introducing with Gillis, we have a consistent, full-time sales efforts! This pressure has been removed from our general managers giving them more time and energy to focus on continuing to run award winning properties and taking care of our team and our guests. The biggest benefit to partnering with Gillis is we do not have to manage our sales personal. In the event of vacations, turnover, as an example, Gillis ensures someone is available to our hotels to continue our sales efforts and cycle with no down time. We also don’t have to manage training, expense accounts, or reporting and software. We have recommended Gillis’ sales solution to three other hotels who since have also successfully joined the program.”
Tyson Ghostkeeper -

Director of Operations, Mouallem Management Group

“We had the good fortune of engaging Gillis after years of managing our sales effort inhouse. They came highly recommended through brand leadership and seasoned sales professionals – and they haven’t disappointed. Despite only a few months into our relationship, they have had an immediate impact on our hotels and key account relationships. The Gillis team has already established themselves as one of our most valued and trusted advisors and partners. They have always displayed the professionalism, passion and accountability demanded by their profession. The Gillis team is well prepared, highly engaged and goal orientated. To this end, they have solidified accounts, delivered new bookings and helped to diversify our business drivers. As a result, they have earned the deep respect and trust of our organization. I would not hesitate to recommend Gillis for any organization that requires the highest levels of sales performance, execution and professionalism.”
Perry Batke -

CHA, General Manager, Denham Hospitality Organization

“When we made the decision to lock arms with the Gillis Sales team, we were a relatively new property in a rural tertiary market. In the midst of an economic downturn, with limited ability to attract a qualified onsite sales manager, we decided to try this sales approach to increase our revenue. Once we found the right staff fit from the Gillis team we were able to experience greater success in sourcing out and securing business for the hotel. Some of the advantages of using Gillis has been the quality of skilled individuals that have been able to support our onsite sales team. I have greater confidence in knowing that sales efforts are happening and being executed in a professional manner and above all have appreciated the learning that has transpired because of this association. I would certainly recommend this program if you have experienced any of the challenges that we have. The management team is committed to ensuring the success of the program and have given our property the best that they have to offer.”
Jacquie Corkery -

Owner/General Manager, Best Western Plus

“When we made the decision to give Gillis a try we were struggling, particularly with getting groups to stay at our hotel. However, since we teamed up with Gillis, we have not experienced any problems. We have been using Gillis for almost two years now and we have seen a huge impact on our business. It has been such a pleasure working with Gillis. I absolutely love our salesperson; we have a great connection. I know I can reach out to him anytime I need to, he knows my goals, where I need to go, what budget I must meet, and he works hard to help me meet them. No matter who we work with on the Gillis team, they are always understanding of what we are looking for and trying to achieve. They really work with our goals. I would absolutely recommend their sales support services. We came into the program willing to give it a try and see if we can get a return on our investment. We were able to get our ROI and then some, resulting in us making the decision to stay in the program. I am not sure how we did it so many years without Gillis.”
Nicki Moser -

General Manager, Best Western Plus

“Before working with Gillis, we were not in a good situation. We were not able to respond to many of the leads that came through RFP, Nexus or hotel direct.  As a result, we lost a lot of business. After we joined Gillis, they took charge of everything. They have helped us understand our market and obtain base business in terms of groups. This really helped us to be #1 in the market, which we will be closing the year as such. The Gillis sales support services are customized and tailored to the needs of hotels. We are a hotel that has a HIGH volume of direct leads, and we tailored the program for a lead only model. This has allowed me to focus my time in other areas, such as operations, yielding rates, better understanding my market, training and coaching my staff, and ensuring that our revenue is in line with our strategies and goals. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone! It is very cost-effective. If I had to hire a Sales Manager to do the same work that Gillis does, it would have been at a much higher salary. In addition, we are receiving the same level of commitment and service from our Business Development Manager that we would from a Sales Manager.”
Vandana Kumari -

General Manager, Best Western Plus

“Tammy Gillis and her organization have been nothing short of amazing! We have seen an approximate ROI of 10x at our BW PLUS hotel as well as a ROI of 4-5x at our BW hotel. The sales team is so dedicated, passionate and driven to deliver revenue to hotels. I just wish we started sooner with Gillis!”
Hitesh Patel -

President, Colorado Hospitality, Inc.

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